On Skipping the Holiday Knit Season

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Some gifts I’ve knit in the past

For the last several Holiday seasons, I have cranked out pairs of socks, hats, mittens, scarves, cowls, sweaters and blankets. Adding and subtracting people that I needed to knit for, stressing over forgetting someone. This year, I opted to do something crazy: I’m not going to knit for anyone.

Secret Santa gift? Not something handknit. Family gift exchange? No hand knits (although my mom is getting a woven table runner if I finish it in time). White elephant? Nothing handknit. Close friends? Still nothing hand knit. I’m putting my foot down this year, I’m knitting what I’m inspired to knit and giving the gifts as they are completed.

It feels a little bit like going on strike and, if I’m being honest, I’m genuinely interested in whether anyone will say anything. I’m not testing my family, I’m just prioritizing my knitting time to be a time of rest and relaxation (or at least one where I can pick my complicated projects and not knit them to a deadline). The idea came to me when my sister told me that she was using the coordinating handknit socks I gave her and her husband for their wedding as cat toys. Why am I stressing out to make gifts for people who don’t even care that I’m taking the time to make them?

Ok ok, perhaps they do appreciate them and the cat thing is just a fluke. I’m not saying I’m never knitting for anyone ever again, I’m just saying I’m done trying to cram project after project into the months leading up to the holiday season. If someone mentions needing a pair of mittens, I will happily knit them a pair of mittens. Just not for the holidays this year.

So as we enter the final weeks of the holiday season, for the first time in years, my gifts are all purchased and wrapped. I’ve been done with my shopping since early November and haven’t had to think twice about anything. Each gift was carefully selected and wrapped with care, leaving me with a slightly giddy feeling that I don’t have to worry about a looming deadline.

Perhaps I’ll knit for everyone next year. We’ll see what 2020 brings. In the meantime, enjoy the snazzy board game that made me think of you. (It’s entirely possible that I will regret this decision come gift exchange day)

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