…and forward on 2020

Though my original intentions were to write a single blog post that included my reflections from 2019 and my hopes for 2020, but as I wrapped up last week’s post on looking back, I realized that I had reflected on so much and hadn’t fully formed what I hope this year will bring. How did I want to set goals for 2020? What kinds of goals did I want to set for 2020? I needed time to sleep on it, and now here we are.

In 2020 I will:

  • Laugh more and worry less, especially when it comes to things outside of my control.
  • Do at least one thing I’ve never done before every month. Whether it’s baking something I’ve never tried before or a technique I haven’t tried, I want to spend 2020 continuing to learn what I like and don’t like, but also what I can do if I set my mind to it.
  • Read 100 books! Ok maybe not 100, but I do want to spend more time reading and what better way to do that then setting a lofty goal. I wonder if I should consider a page goal as well, just like I set up a yardage goal with knitting.
  • Speaking of knitting, I’m not sure what my goal should be this year other than continuing to use up the stash I have. I’ve toyed with dishcloth and sock goals, but I feel like I spent 2019 allowing my creative juices take me where they take me. So if I spend more time sewing this year than knitting, I think that would be ok (though admittedly far fetched). I think the better
  • Travel, even if it’s not to a new country and is only a few hours down the road.
  • Peel the wallpaper in my kitchen, some goals have to be low hanging fruit right?
  • Run, hike, swim, read on my deck after work — whatever it takes to be outside and enjoying where I live. It’d be nice to do some camping this year as well…

I’m sure these will continue to evolve as the year progresses, but I also see setting goals as a work in progress. Some will be a challenge and some will be things that I work on to develop better habits. As long as I’m learning and laughing, I’m ready to take on new challenges that 2020 has in store for me.


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