Zoom Comic Relief

I’ve been spending most of my work days on Zoom. While I’m very grateful to have a job in these trying times, this video has opened my eyes to the Holderness Family’s videos.

“I knew zoom was trouble” is an excellent parody and is super relatable. So is “If Broadway songs were written about quarantine” and so many more.

In the midst off everything, these videos have been a friendly reminder that we’re all feeling it and then some.

Even though COVID19 is at the forefront of minds, life is still moving on. Babies are being born (my niece is over a month old now!), couples are getting engaged and married (congrats friends) and so many people are standing up to injustice.

Hang in there friends; even though we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel we have no other option but to keep going until we can.

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