on Ponchos

I knew that I got to a point of not caring what other people thought about what I was wearing when I attended a post wedding (as in the next day) BBQ in jeans and a flannel and didn’t feel under dressed. In hindsight, I probably should have dressed up a bit more, but maybe they shouldn’t have called the function a BBQ (that is, after all the event I dressed for). It was confirmed again when I opted to wear flats to my sisters wedding and again when I grabbed a random dress out of a box in order to attend a recent function.

I’m also not a fan of wearing makeup, it feels funny on my skin and hides my freckles. Every so often I whip out mascara for fun, but I don’t have a strong drive to wear it ever day.

This is a round about way of me saying that I wear what makes me comfortable and most of the time dress to the right fancy level. I love acquiring clothing second hand and stopped caring about having the “in style” outfit when I was 12.

So why can’t I bring myself to knit and wear ponchos? A poncho is basically a classy blanket that you can wear all day, a concept that I’m super into. So why do I put them on and immediately say “wow that looks silly” while staring enviously at others who are “able to pull it off”?

In the interest of reminding myself that this mentality goes against all of my other clothing thoughts, I’ve put together a list of ponchos that I should really consider knitting. Note: Order means nothing.

The Comfort Zone
  1. The Comfort Zone. The simplicity of this poncho speaks to me, someone essentially decided that they wanted a poncho in the middle of knitting a sweater. I love it. Plus it’s knit in Aran weight yarn, so you know it would be warm and cozy.
Indigo Frost

2. Indigo Frost. Another gorgeous poncho that mixes yarn overs with a little bit of colorwork. A few people even made this one with pompoms…

Stone Point

3. Stone Point. I believe this one was on the cover of a catalog a few years back. My aunt made one and it looks amazing on her. Surely if she can pull it off so can I?

Oakwood Poncho

4. Oakwood Poncho. Tell me this one isn’t a blanket that’s been made to stay around your shoulders. Knitpicks even had kits when they first released it.

Wanda Estelle

5. Last but not least: Wanda Estelle. When I worked for Web’s Yarn Store, this one was constantly passed around because it looked good on everyone. I used to stare jealously at the different staff who could pull if off better than me in my mind.

We’re in the process of fixing up a 1910 house that is on the drafter side. Between that and working from home for the foreseeable future, I might end up with a poncho on my needles and the motivation to convince myself that it doesn’t matter if it looks good on me.

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