My exploration into fitted sheets

Five pieces of nursery patterned flannel folded neatly and stacked in a pile.

I love sewing clothes, whether for my husband, myself or the numerous little people in my life. In fact, I believe I have fabric for six or seven garments at this very moment: little person dresses/rompers, a button down for my husband and a couple things for myself (I love knitting clothes too, but that’s not what we’re here to chat about today!). Despite the growing number of projects on my docket, I couldn’t help but look through the flannel nursery fabric that was part of Joann’s labor day door busters. At the very least, perhaps I could put together some combinations to make a couple flannel outfits.

Typically, I tend to sew garments and have home sewing projects sprinkled in for variety. In fact, the only recent projects that weren’t clothing have been upcycling some cushions and a pair of throw pillows. This is to say that the idea to attempt crib sheets (fitted sheets for baby mattresses) came out of no where as did the desire to make more than one. Within five minutes of hopping onto Pinterest I found a free tutorial on I Can Sew This and felt less guilty about placing my order. While I don’t have a little one of my own to benefit from these sheets right away, I get the sense that you can’t really have too many crib sheets.

In the end, I spent maybe an hour cranking out five different flannel crib sheets that will be perfect for New England’s colder winters. Honestly, the most time consuming part was threading the elastic (I don’t have a good reason for why I really bothered, but I did also take the time to iron the flannel after washing). I recommend using either a safety pin or an elastic threader to help with this process.

They’re so cute! I can’t really speak to fit due to lack of a mattress to test them on, but I can absolutely see myself making these instead of knitting baby sweaters when on a time crunch.

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