Petit Four Puntilla

A young woman standing in front of a floor mirror wearing a hand knit pink drop shoulder sweater with flecks of purple and red.

There are a number of sweater patterns by Joji Locatelli that have been designed to be wardrobe staples. You know, the ones that you reach for again and again because they’re a classic design/fit. Each one thoughtfully envisioned and written up so that the pattern is accessible no matter what the skill level of the knitter. Joji is one of my favorite designers for this reason, she has the perfect mix of fun wardrobe peices and practical ones. She’s also amazing at taking the practice pieces and making them fun (while leaving room for you to remove the design elements without compromising the overall garment). I have been sitting on the yarn to make a Puntilla for almost a year and the pattern has been sitting in my favorites since it came out in 2015. Way too long when you consider it’s my ideal sweater shape and has MILES of stockinette stitching in the round, perfect for meditative knitting.

This sweater flew off my needles, slowed down only by the fact that I was taking a crochet class and making objects for it. When I look at it, I can see the hours spent in the car to look at houses and to visit friends. I see time spent curled up during nap time chatting away while a movie plays in the background. That’s the thing about knitting, in addition to making a garment, you’re also freezing moments and feelings in time. While I don’t remember where I knit every object or what I was feeling at the time, there are finished objects I can look at and think “Yep, I was stress knitting through x class” or “Yep, I was going through a break up and needed something else to focus on”. It’s just a lot of time to sit and think, to sit and enjoy company or to sit and avoid thinking if the project is complicated enough.

Though I skipped the lace accent, Puntilla is a sweater pattern that will be reached for again. This was a sweater I couldn’t wait to get off my needles and on my body. It’s been so long since I’ve been really excited about a finished knit, like little kid for candy excited. I love the fit and the simplicity of the knit (once you get past the short rows). It also makes me think about knitting up a version of the Weekender, although I think I’m a little late to that party (it was so popular a few years ago!).

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