Outfit Win: Zion Leggings and Henry Sweatshirt

Matching shirt and leggins made out of blue with yellow, teal and orange sharks in a size 18 months laid on a run. The sweatshirt is laid flat and the leggins are neatly folded.

I have joined the ranks of sewing moms who discovered that sewing for toddlers is satisfying. This is for a few reasons, the first being that kid fabric patterns are fun, the second is that even the more complex patterns are fast and the third is that once you know your kid it’s easy to make them excited.

I first purchased Oh Me Oh My’s Zion Leggings and Henry Sweatshirt patterns because my coworker gave me somewhere around a yard of two different leftover fabrics in a dinosaur print and a unicorn print. Other than the fabric requirements, the choice really came down to I had enjoyed making a pair of overalls and a couple pinafores (plus these) from the designer previously so I knew the patterns would be an easy win. Oh Me Oh My also has a “normal” knit shirt, but I liked that the sweatshirt cuffs would match the style of the leggings.

Oh. My. Goodness. These whip up so fast and are so functional! The leg, arm and neck holes are a breeze to get onto a moving target and the clothing is clearly comfortable. Over the last couple of months, I’ve made 6 (one completely out of fleece which was a bit of a fail, I should have used something different for all the cuffs) and definitely see more in our future.

There is still a lot of practice to be had when it comes to my sewing skill set, and I think that this little outfit is a great way to continue to practice (I’m thinking about you stretching neckbands with knit fabrics!).

Two sweatshirt and legging outfits. The black with bright dinosaurs is laid slightly behind a blue ensemble with unicorns.

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