Pseudo Stripes

A light brown, almost white, fingerless mitt with blue/black dashes across it in an almost stripe pattern. Next to the mitt is the cuff of the second mitt on a pair of circular knitting needles.

There are so many different patterns these days for assigned or planned pooling. The first that comes to mind is Pool & Conquer by Martina Behm which manipulates a coveted skein of Rohrspatz & Wollmeise to create vertical stripes, the second is Calico by Dawn Barker with the Rocket Pop Shawl by Stephanie Shiman a close third. No matter the pattern, each calls for a skein of yarn where the color repeats within the skein (this is usually discovered by opening the skein and taking a look at how the yarn was dyed).

Though having worked with several patterns and yarns that would be perfect for pooling, it never occurred to me to manipulate the number of stitches in a pattern to create stripes. Considering I’ve knit socks that have pooled into stripes before, this admission seems a little silly and like I missed something obvious.

Still, I find myself reaching for smaller projects more and more. They’re easier to throw into a diaper bag and to pick up/put down. So perhaps, it’s time to start being more purposeful about how a dyer’s choices are being reflected in my projects. Realistically, I’ll keep knitting and letting the yarn talk to me, with the goal of at least being more purposeful in observing which yarns have what kind of effect.

Want to make one of your own? Use the discount YARNVIP for 15% off your total purchase from Wonderland Yarns (discount not eligible on sale items, with other discounts, or on yarn clubs). Pseudo Stripe Mitts is a free pattern, yarn is March Hare in Your Favorite Tee Shirt, Fresh From The Wash. No kickbacks for me, just discounts for you :]

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