Thorny Thistle memories

Top down view of a speckled knit sweater laying on a table with one of it's sleeves out of frame and the other in progress. Next to the sweater is a watermelon yarn bowl with a cake of yarn and an off kindle below.

This is not the sweater I originally planned to make with this yarn. I’ve been eyeing Boardwalk from Tincanknits for just over a year now and had originally intended to pair this gorgeous speckled yarn with some knit of snazzy buttons. It’s unclear to me when exactly I found myself listening to the yarn insisting it become something else, but I found myself casting on for an entirely different sweater and I’m so glad I did.

Pink memories by Isabell Kraemer was designed using yarn purchased with friends as a way to remember their trip together. While I didn’t specifically choose the pattern in order to remember something, I do like that there is a nod to fun times behind the pattern’s creation. Plus, there’s nothing not to love about this design. In fact, the only modification I made was to add a pocket to mirror the existing one. I love that the shaping creates a tunic-like fit and the textured front is fun. It’s warm, cozy and I can see myself curling up in it with a hot cup of tea.

The completion of this sweater also came as a garment that marks the transition from one home to the other, so though I did not choose the pattern to have a memory I suppose I have one. Although honestly, it feels like every knit thing I’ve ever created has memories attached to them.

Want to make one of your own? Use the discount YARNVIP for 15% off your total purchase from Wonderland Yarns (discount not eligible on sale items, with other discounts, or on yarn clubs). For this pattern, I used Mad Hatter in Thorny Thistle.