Cherry Petit Four Bumble Sweater

Close up of a light and dark pink knit sweater where the stitch pattern makes it look like there are light pink hearts forming horizontal stripes.

I must confess, I do not currently have a plan when it comes to who will wear all of the things I make for our daughter after she outgrows them. Since clothing is meant to be worn, I struggle with the idea of saving each item as a memento to look back fondly upon. Though we are saving items “just in case” we decide to have a second child (it’s hard to think about because we are so happy with our family as it is), it feels unfair to ignore the fact that that child would deserve their own handmade items. I have friends who are going to have children a year younger than Ophelia, but how would I decide who gets what and ensure them that they can use and abuse the items as they see fit? Do I donate them so that other children can be connected to us (I kinda like this idea)? Dilemma aside, it’s so fun to make little garments and I feel like I need to take advantage of this time to make the things I want to make.

This isn’t to say that our kiddo doesn’t have preferences, she absolutely does. If it has glitter it’s exciting. If it’s pink it’s amazing. Twirly dresses? It’ll be loved. All three of those things at the same time? She’d probably refuse to take it off.

Tincanknits’s Bumble Sweater has been waiting in my library since it came out in 2016 because I felt the need to purchase the entire ebook (zero regrets). Combining this pattern with some leftover skeins of Mary Ann from Wonderland Yarns seemed like a very good way to use up the leftovers for no other reason than I knew the color combination would be a hit.

The sweater itself was a fun knit due to it’s mock brioche stitching, I love the way that the contrast color creates little hearts throughout the sweater. Since I skipped the faux seam stitches, I did have to do some creative knitting in order to maintain the stitch pattern while working on the raglan and neck shaping, something I would probably not want to repeat if I make this pattern again. I also don’t think I would decrease the sleeve stitch count as much, though nicely fitted they are a little hard to get on when you have a shirt underneath.

Want to make one of your own? Use the discount YARNVIP for 15% off your total purchase from Wonderland Yarns (discount not eligible on sale items, with other discounts, or on yarn clubs). For this pattern, I held two strands of Mary Ann double and was very happy with the density. Otherwise, the pattern calls for something closer to March Hare.

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